In 2022 I founded
a Futures & Foresight
project about the
player-driven evolution of interactive storytelling experiences.
A community for gamers, developers and inventors that live beyond the shift of human culture manifestations toward the metaverse. Together we research, explore and build upon emerging paradigms in the creative industry.


In 2022 I co-founded
a collective dedicated to visuals, sounds
and experimental multimedia devices
Our projects explore
the latent space
between noise and signal.
Our style combines custom analog gears with AI tools, generative techniques, found objects, real-time interactions and feedback loops.


I have been working since 2017 as marketing communication manager
in META, an italian educational non profit cooperative based in  Monza (Italy) since 1991.
My daily activities here
include managing the
brand development budget, running integrated campaigns and counseling for
social digital innovation projects.

I work on projects that grow at the intersection of

technology, creativity and future studies

Techinical skills

3d modeler, graphic designer, motion designer

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Journalist, copywriter, television broadcasting entrepreneur, copywriter and web agency owner

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I have been employed in the creative industry since 2006


Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences (2006, Milan) and Multimedia Production Management Master’s degree (2008, Turin).

Early career

I started working as theatrical technician, then moved to still life photography and filmmaking.

Where to find us.

We're located on the intersection of 1st and Main Street in beautiful downtown Manhattan.


Available Monday through Friday 10am - 6pm EST

Hello world

My name is Riccardo Silano and I'm a hybrid professional.
call myself a media evolution foreteller. I combine my professional identities of being a designer, a technologist and an artist to explore new emerging paradigms in the creative industry.

I am curious about the future and I believe in possibility. I welcome today's complexity as an opportunity to discover new connections, patterns and ideas  adopting active listening and creative thinking in my workflow.

I try to set about problems as if they were solutions in disguise, looking at them from a different perspective. The right answer may be just one good question away.

My favourite query is: what happens next?