I live in Villasanta, a small town near Milan in Italy. Here I spend my life with my twin soul Martina and my kids, Sara and Jacopo. I’m a nerd and I work as a hybrid professional.

I call myself a media evolution foreteller. I combine my professional identities of being an artist, a marketer and a visionary. My mission is to highlight global trends, new technologies and emerging paradigms that are changing the the way we live, work and play together.
I love to work on projects that grow at the intersection of technology, creativity and innovation.

I try to set about problems as if they were solutions in disguise, looking at them from a different perspective. The right answer may be just one good question away. My favorite one is: what happens next?

I am curious about the future and I believe in possibility. I welcome today's complexity as an opportunity to discover new connections, patterns and ideas adopting active listening and lateral thinking in my daily workflow.

In 2022 I got elected to META's board of directors, an Italian educational non profit cooperative based in Monza (Italy) where I have been working since 2015. As marketing communication manager my daily activities include managing the brand development budget, running integrated campaigns and counseling for social digital innovation projects.

Since 2018 as video artist I explore the latent space between noise and signal, chaos and meaning. My projects and installations combine custom analog gears with AI tools, generative techniques and found objects.

I started playing bass guitar in late 90's. I approached experimental music in 2006 when I stumble upon the ever-changing voice of an audio mixer feeding into itself. Feedback loops still play a big part when I create cinematic soundscapes and evolving textures.

I have been employed in the creative industry since 2006 after a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences (2006, Milan) and a Master’s degree in Multimedia Production Management (2008, Turin). I have worked as journalist, copywriter, theatrical technician, filmmaker, 3d modeler, graphic designer, motion designer, still life photographer, television broadcasting entrepreneur, copywriter and web agency owner.

You can follow my work in progress and get in touch with me using the buttons below.

Hi. My name is Riccardo Silano
Media evolution foreteller

Date of birth:
  • Marketing
  • Multimedia production
  • Big picture thinking
  • Artistic composition
  • Active learning